Video Marketing for Entrepreneurs in Egypt – Yellow Media’s Initiative

It’s amazing what a video can do for your business. Every business owner in Egypt dreams about having professional TV Commercials but is faced with the fact that TVC in Egypt are very expensive, overrated and above all would only target the mass and not the audience that the business owner wants.

It is also no secret that entrepreneurs have very limited budgets for marketing if any budget at all which makes the idea of a professional TVC an impossible dream.

Yellow Media announced its new initiative to support startups and entrepreneurship in Egypt to help rebuilding Egypt economy and boost the SMB sector which accounts for over 90% of the economy value in Egypt.

The new initiative offers a video production, Yellow Media’s video team goes to the customer location, shoots the commercial with light weight yet professional equipment and then takes it back to Yellow Media’s studios to do the montage and audio editing.

Once the video is ready, it gets published on tens of web and mobile platforms including:
YouTube, Facebook,,, mobile sites and mobile applications making the video accessible and searchable for over 32 million internet users in Egypt.

Very special video production rates are offered for startups in Egypt. As low as 500 USD for video production and submission.

Yellow Media’s SMART team (Search Marketing & Advertising Research Team) can take it to the next step and create Video and YouTube paid campaigns to help your video get the attention and even go virally over the social media.


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