Egypt Yellow Pages App Released on BlackBerry App World

One month after the launch of BlackBerry App World in Egypt, Egypt Yellow Pages have released the BB App on the App World. This is one of the first BlackBerry applications (perhaps the first one) that are submitted from Egypt. This application launch was a developed by a brilliant new Egyptian startup called Apptitude.

What makes our BlackBerry application unique is not only being one of the first Egyptian publishers to join the App World, it has also been developed based on the community demand on different social networking sites especially Twitter… Our twitter friends joined out application beta testing program and provided us with very useful feedback and many additional features to add. Also their ongoing support helps us to add more features and make the application better….

A big thank you to our list of honor beta testers:

Mostafa khaled Beige

Mahmoud Ahmed

Mahmoud Abdel Aziz

Ramy Temraz

Bassem Osoris

Gamal Omar

Abdou Omar

Islam Badr

Mohammad Mokhtar Eltrissi

You can download Egypt Yellow Pages BB App from App World here.


BlackBerry App World now in Egypt

BlackBerry App World

BlackBerry App World

After waiting for it for a really long time, it has been confirmed today that BlackBerry App World is now available in Egypt. Although no official published news by RIM confirms this. Many users from Egypt have reported that they were able to access AppWorld and download application from it.

Many people wonder why did it take all this time to launch the store in Egypt. RIM has responded to this question saying that they do not launch the App World in a country unless they have signed an agreement with all the mobile operators to avail it for the users. Perhaps that could be the reason of the delay.

Egypt Yellow Pages BlackBerry App

Egypt Yellow Pages BlackBerry Application

The launch of BB App World in Egypt must be good news for users, developers and application vendors. Distribution of BlackBerry apps is not a simple task specially with all the device and OS specific features available, which makes it harder for the application vendors to do the correct device and OS detection and avail the correct version of the application to the correct device and the appropriate OS version.

As a Yellow Pages publisher, we are very delighted about availing the Black Berry App World in Egypt which will enable us to distribute and deliver efficiently our free local search application for Egypt. Currently, you can download Egypt Yellow Pages BlackBerry application from here. It is available for Curve, Bold and Torch models. There are 2 versions of the application, one supports OS 4.6 and another one supports version 5.0 or higher which has more features and functionalities embedded.

Android on fire, Windows Phone 7 under fire!

Stephen Elop Nokia’s CEO is probably one of the most unlucky guys today, he probably choose the worst time ever to kill the symbianOS and replace it with Microsoft Windows Phone 7, a choice that many people criticized and said it would rather be much better for Nokia to partner with Google and use Android.

comScore has announced that Android, the 2 years old platform, is now the most popular operating system on smart phones in the US, having just surpassed BlackBerry, iPhone and Windows Phone 7 (WP7),  having now a market share of 31.2%.

The irony here for Nokia  is not just the lost opportunity to catch up the leading mobile operating system but also the loss  of market shares of the new partner Microsoft which has down to only 8%. This must be very frustrating for Microsoft, they launched their new WP7 last October aiming at competing Android and iPhone, what you typically expect is that their market share would grow due to this new product or at least stabilize but not fall down.

Smart Phone Market Share, Jan 2011

Smart Phone Market Share, Jan 2011


A good question to ask here, was Stephen Elop’s choice of Microsoft as a partner influenced by being an ex Microsoft executive or by believing so much in Microsoft products? Somebody has to answer this.

Smart Phone market share numbers in January 2011
Smart Phone market share numbers in January 2011


Nokia must now share Microsoft’s frustration, apple must be happy that they didn’t loose any ground against Google’s Android but rather Android took from the market shares of the other market players especially BlackBerry…

I wonder if the same market dominance will be possessed by Android on other markets worldwide.

Why are BlackBerry applications so lame?

I miss those simple days, when blackberries and apples where just fruits…


I’ve been in a serious relationship with my Blackberry for one year, i though we like each other, we depend on each other… I even had thoughts about how my life would be without my lovely BB… but it seems that after all i was wrong… I might have to dump it soon. I know it’s gonna hurt but sometimes you do what you have to do…

One year using my BlackBerry i certainly knew it is not an iPhone, it is a messaging device. It didn’t expect much from the applications or ask for much. All i wanted to do today is to take a couple of screenshots from the new Yellow Pages BlackBerry application we are developing. I thought it would be very simple to Google it and download the first result i get but it wasn’t that simple…

The first 2 results i got were applications on BB App World which is not available in Egypt yet (I wonder why), then i found a direct download application called bbscreenshooter, this is how it works:

1. Download the bbscreenshooter.exe to your PC

2. Connect your BB via USB cable

3. Press the take screenshot button to save the screenshot to your PC

Seriously!!! You have to connect your BB to a computer in order to be able to take a screenshot. I even had this feature with my Nokia mobile 7 years ago, i could capture a screenshot on my mobile directly!

Bluetooth sucks don’t get me even started, you probably need to be a communication engineer in order to understand the terminology they are using, why  would they tell you enable / disable radio signal instead turn on/off your Bluetooth?

I started to get the point why 80% of the people that i know who have a blackberry actually owns another mobile and they are moving with the 2 mobiles all the time. One for calls and BB is just for texting, emailing and BBMing. However, this is not my type, i don’t wanna complicate my life by having too many devices, my laptop is my pc at work is my pc at home… I don’t have a private number and work number… just one number that’s all…

You think i should dump my BB or give it a seconds chance?

iPhone Beats Nokia and Others!

A couple of days ago i made a post about how Egypt Yellow Pages iPhone application traffic is 60% more than the rest of the Mobile Yellow Pages traffic combined…

Today i will explain this more, we should be actually looking at the smartphone traffic share rather than the sales share. According to October statistics published by AdMob, iPhone smart traffic share represents about 50% of all the smartphone devices including Symbian, RIM, Windows Mobile, Android, Palm, …

Smartphones Worldwide Traffic Shares

So how did we reach this situation? It was just a step by step… Traffic share for iPhone:

  • Feb 09: 33% share
  • Aug 09: 40% share
  • Oct 09: 50% share

Traffic share for Symbian:

  • Feb 09: 43%
  • Aug 09: 34%
  • Oct 09: 25%

Android looks also promising, from 2% in February to 11% in October