How Google grew their advertising revenues from $28bn to $59bn (Free eBook)

Learn some secrets about how Google grow their advertising revenues from $28bn in 2010 to $59bn in 2014.

ZMOT is now core training for all members of the Google sales team. It’s part of our DNA — not just in the U.S., but around the world

The Zero Moment of Truth (ZMOT) influences which brands make the shopping list, where shoppers choose to buy and with whom they share the results. It’s up to us to join the conversation at this new moment where decisions are being made, and to provide the information that shoppers naturally crave, in all the ways that they crave it.

This book will help anyone interested in those new moments before people buy, those Zero Moments of Truth where first impressions happen and the path to purchase often begins. If you care about help- ing shoppers explore, dream and find what they’re looking for — in short, if you’re passionate about the future of marketing — this book is for you.

Download the book here:

Here is also a quick video that will introduce you to the concept if you are not familiar with it

Let me know your thoughts about ZMOT, Is this something that would impact your digital marketing strategy?


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