About Mohamed Salah

Mohamed Salah - Director of Digital Media - Yellow Pages

Mohamed Salah – Director of Digital Media – Yellow Pages

If you are looking for Mohamed Salah, the Liverpool’s Egyptian-winger, you can read more about Mohamed Salah here.

Hi, my name is Mohamed Salah and I am a Product Manager at Armut.com / ahomerun.com

I am the Former director of digital media of Yellow Pages group of companies in Egypt, Turkey, United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, and Palestine. I blog different things here, please note that my posts represent my personal opinions and points of view and do not represent my company views.

Here is a little bit more about me

  • More than 12 years experience in the fields of digital advertising (search, local, social, video, display), digital marketing, location based services, search products, online presence, mobile apps, media planning, SEM and SEO.
  • Extensive regional and international experience in building and managing strategic partnerships with global and local partners in EMEA region including the following markets: Egypt, Turkey, United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia and Palestine.
  • Managing the operation of the 2015 award nominated Google premier partnership team that fulfilled search, display and video campaigns for over 1,800+ SMBs and Facebook advertising team that managed campaigns for 700+ SMB’s,
  • Innovative strategic leader that translates concepts into high-impact results. Very knowledgeable of web and mobile technologies with an exceptional track record in business development, identifying opportunities, building solutions ecosystem, and supporting services operation.
  • Significant proven experience of working with multiple stakeholders, e.g. suppliers, advertising/marketing agencies, media owners under different industry verticals such as: Mobile network operators, vertical content portals, maps, news, governments and more.
  • Created and managed digital product strategies/roadmaps, and digital marketing plans for different markets while analyzed and interpreted their effectiveness leading the online business transformation of Yellow Pages from a printed directory publisher into a digital advertising business that generates over 85% of its revenues from online solutions.
  • Computer science background and university teaching / research experience.

Contact me: mohsalah@tedata.net.eg or through linkedin