Adwords allows you to outrank your competitors (and here is why you shouldn’t do it)


Google gives you already all the information you need about your competitors. They tell you the names of your competitors and how often they enter the auctions with you and what’s their impression share and average position compared to yours.

With the launch of new flexible bid strategies, Google has just taken the game to the next level. You can actually set an outranking target in your bid strategies; If you want to make sure you’re beating your main competitor 90% of the time (with some Max CPC bid), You are able to do so by specifying your competitor’s domain and the percentage of time when you want to outrank them. Sounds like a very nice solution to handle competition and get more clients that otherwise your competitor would have acquired.

But wait a minute, what if your competitor is using the same exact weapon against you? what will happen in that case? The only likely outcome of applying it is that you’ll both end up paying more per click than you currently are, until both of you reach the point at which you no longer make any profit. This can’t be a good approach and you should consider why you are applying this strategy and what benefits would it bring to your business? What matters at the end of day is getting a good CPA and achieving the best ROI for your campaign. This strategy is not going to get you there.

So who would this strategy work best for? i would say brands; when the goal no longer becomes limited to conversions and acquisitions but it is stretched to include the brand image and reputation. Another case when this strategy would work best is when there is limited demand in the market for the product/service that you are offering and you want to make sure you acquire as much leads as possible to position yourself in the market as a leader, even if it comes at the expense of making your business less profitable.


Google Play & AdSense April’s Fool

If you ever saw anything related to Google Play Signature Edition or top planets and moons on AdSense you’re just be Pwned by Google!

It’s funny i must admit, but this time they integrated April’s fool into their products rather than having it as a piece of news going around.

It’s not trending yet on Linkedin! So probably i’m the first one you hear it from.


Google April's Fool 2014 - Google Play Signature

Google April’s Fool 2014 – Google Play Signature


View your AdSense earning from different planets and moons... Earth and Mars in specific!

View your AdSense earning from different planets and moons… Earth and Mars in specific!


Egypt Yellow Pages Launches Mobile Apps For iPhone, Android and Windows 8.1

Egypt Yellow Pages Mobile App

Yellow Pages has launched 3 new apps aiming at making its service easier to use and accessible to a wide range of users in Egypt.

First up, there is a new Yellow Pages iPhone app available on App Store. The app is more than just a re-skin that is iOS 7 compatible, the app user experience is designed to help the users find what they are looking for on the go through a smart single search box where you don’t need to type the location and the app is smart enough to detect your location and show the results near you.

The app is practically a directory and a map with over 330,000 business listings and venues in Egypt that users can carry in their pockets. Taping on one of the home category icons will effectively help the users discover and explore local stores and venues near them. This is good news for businesses that want to acquire more customers from their neighbourhood, or passing by customers that happens to be in this location at that specific time and need to buy a product or a quick access to a service.

Yellow Pages New iPhone App

4 new updates have been released to the app in the past 2 months, each single update of them received a stunningly 5 stars rating from the users. The old English and Arabic apps are now merged into a single universal app in which users can switch between the 2 languages; much better for the user experience.

Yellow Pages iPhone App Review

Android users now finally can download the long-awaited Yellow Pages Android app on Google Play store. The app is accessible to over 3,835 Android devices worldwide. The app is optimised for high end Android devices such as Samsung S4 and Samsung Galaxy Note 3 but it also works well with low end Android handsets such as the Galaxy Ace and Duos, also works great with 7 and 10 inch tablets.

Integration is done nicely with Google maps, which makes it very easy for the users to use turn-by-turn voice navigation available in Egypt through Google Maps. The Android app has received very positive feedback from the users, over 680 users rated the app and over 82% of them rated 4 or 5 starts for it. Exceptional for an Android app to satisfy equally for both high and low end device owners.

Yellow Pages Android AppWindows 8 is often criticised for its shallow  apps catalog, Egypt is no exception, but this is changing overtime with more apps being launched and push by Microsoft and its partner Linkdotnet in Egypt. Egypt Yellow Pages Windows 8.1 app is available for download on the Windows Store as one of the leading apps in the the Egyptian market, only a few apps came before like EgyptAir Windows App and Egyptian eGovernment maps app which is also powered by Yellow Pages data.

Yellow Pages Windows 8.1 AppThe new apps have received hundreds of thousands of downloads and continue to grow rapidly. Yellow Media has announced its intent to launch a new context-based relevant in stream mobile ads as an innovative way of mobile advertising that has a positive value on the user experience based on their interests rather than traditional mobile banner advertising.

Video Marketing for Entrepreneurs in Egypt – Yellow Media’s Initiative

It’s amazing what a video can do for your business. Every business owner in Egypt dreams about having professional TV Commercials but is faced with the fact that TVC in Egypt are very expensive, overrated and above all would only target the mass and not the audience that the business owner wants.

It is also no secret that entrepreneurs have very limited budgets for marketing if any budget at all which makes the idea of a professional TVC an impossible dream.

Yellow Media announced its new initiative to support startups and entrepreneurship in Egypt to help rebuilding Egypt economy and boost the SMB sector which accounts for over 90% of the economy value in Egypt.

The new initiative offers a video production, Yellow Media’s video team goes to the customer location, shoots the commercial with light weight yet professional equipment and then takes it back to Yellow Media’s studios to do the montage and audio editing.

Once the video is ready, it gets published on tens of web and mobile platforms including:
YouTube, Facebook,,, mobile sites and mobile applications making the video accessible and searchable for over 32 million internet users in Egypt.

Very special video production rates are offered for startups in Egypt. As low as 500 USD for video production and submission.

Yellow Media’s SMART team (Search Marketing & Advertising Research Team) can take it to the next step and create Video and YouTube paid campaigns to help your video get the attention and even go virally over the social media.

مصر تسعى لزيادة الأستثمار فى قطاع الاتصالات والتكنولوجيا إلى 55 مليار جنيه

مصر تسعى لزيادة الأستثمار فى قطاع الاتصالات والتكنولوجيا إلى 55 مليار جنيه

Check out  my latest Wamda piece. Fantastic progress for ICT sector in Egypt, and amazing strategy from MCIT ministry. Investments in Egypt to reach 55 billion pounds soon in Information Technology and communication sector

The funniest search in Egypt – أغرب حاجات الناس بندور عليها على يلوبيدجز

فى يلوبيدجز دائماً نبحث عن تقديم أفضل تجربة بحث ممكنة للمستخدم و أستطعنا تحقيق ذلك بالفعل من خلال قاعدة بيناتنا المليئة بالمعلومات عن أكثر من 300 ألف شركة فى مصر و كذلك من خلال تطوير محرك بحثنا المحلى الذى أصبح أقوى و أسرع كثيرأً اليوم عن ما كان عليه سابقاً.

بالرغم من كل ذلك تظل مشكلتنا الأساسية هى المستخدم الذى لا يعرف كيف يستخدم محرك بحثنا و يظن فى بعض الأحيان أنه يبحث فى جوجل و فى أحيان أخرى أنه يتحدث مع صديقة و يطلب من المعلومة.

خلينا نشوف مع بعض الناس بتدور على أيه فى يلوبيدجز – محرك البحث المحلى الأول فى مصر

1 2 3 4 5 6

أنا عايز أخد فيزا بتاعت أوكرانيا

أنا عايز أخد فيزا بتاعت أوكرانيا

اسماء المسافرين رحلة العمرة مولدالنبى 20 يناير 2013

اسماء المسافرين رحلة العمرة مولدالنبى 20 يناير 2013

عايز أشتغل فى أكاديمية باباى

عايز أشتغل فى أكاديمية باباى

امبابة البصراوى

امبابة البصراوى

نتيجة الشهادة الاعدادية بمدرسة 25 يناير بدمياط الجديدة بالدرجات

نتيجة الشهادة الاعدادية بمدرسة 25 يناير بدمياط الجديدة بالدرجات

طريقة عمل كيك بالشيكولاتة

طريقة عمل كيك بالشيكولاتة

Finally my all time favorite

الرقم الضريبى للدكتور باسم يوسف

الرقم الضريبى للدكتور باسم يوسف

يلوبيدجز مصر أول شركة فى الشرق الأوسط تجمع بين شريك جوجل أدوردز المعتمد و شريك جوجل المميز للأنشطة التجارية الصغيرة والمتوسطة الحجم

يلوبيدجز مصر و التى تعرف حالياً بأسم يلوميديا حصلت على درجة جديدة من الشراكة مع جوجل لتصبح شريك جوجل AdWords المعتمد بالأضافة إلى كونها أول شريك مميز لجوجل للأنشطة التجارية الصغيرة والمتوسطة الحجم فى الشرق الأوسط.

هذا يعنى أن يلوبيدجز توفر خدمات الأعلان على جوجل بشكل محترف و معتمد من جوجل لتشمل:

إدارة الشؤون اليومية للحملات
إرشادات في مجال التسويق
دعم مخصص للعملاء
إعداد تقارير تفصيلية للأداء

 يلوبيدجز مصر شريك جوجل AdWords المعتمد و شريك Google AdWords المميز للأنشطة التجارية الصغيرة والمتوسطة الحجم

يلوبيدجز مصر شريك جوجل AdWords المعتمد و شريك Google AdWords المميز للأنشطة التجارية الصغيرة والمتوسطة الحجم

  ما الفارق بين شريك جوجل AdWords المعتمد و شريك جوجل المميز للأنشطة التجارية الصغيرة والمتوسطة الحجم؟

شريك جوجل أدوردس المعتمد من الممكن الحصول عليه للشركات التى تستوفى شروطه مثل أن يكون للشركة فريق عمل من الحاصلين على شهادة Google AdWords و التى تمكنهم من أدارة حملات العملاء كما يجب أن يكون للشركة أيضا حد أدنى من المصروفات على حملات العملاء فى الشهور الثلاثة الماضية لا تقى عن 10,000 دولار أمريكي.

Google AdWords Certified Partner

شريك جوجل المميز Premier SMB Partner لا يمكن الحصول عليه ألا من خلال أبرام أتفاقبة خاصة مع جوجل، هذه الأتفاقية لها شروط خاصة لا تتوافر إلا للشركات الكبيرة التى أثبتت تواجدها فى السوق لسنوات عديدة و تتميز بوجود قاعدة عملاء تتجواز الألاف و كذلك وجود عدد كبير من خبراء المبيعات و الأستشاريين الأعلاميين الذين يستطيعون صناعة الفارق للعملاء و حصولهم على أفضل عائد على الأستثمار و يتم ذلك بكل شفافية و تحت أشراف كامل لشركة جوجل فى الشرق الأوسط و شمال أفريقيا و مقرها أيرلاندا.

Google AdWords Premier SMB Partner

الجدير بالذكر أن كل نوع من هذه الشراكات منفردة فأن تصبح شريك معتمد لا تؤهلك لشريك مميز و العكس صحيح.

كيف تتأكد من أن الشركة التى تتعامل معها هي بالفعل شريك معنمد أو شريك مميز لجوجل؟

يمكنك التأكد من خلال الرابط التالى:

أبحث عن شريك معتمد أو شريك مميز لجوجل أدوردز Google AdWords فى مصر

بالطبع يجب عليك التأكد أذا كانت الشركة شريك معتمد فقط أو شريك مميز أو كلاهما من خلال رؤية اللوجو الخاص بالشراكة.

لماذا أتعامل مع شركاء جوجل فى حين أنه يمكننى عمل حساب على أدوردز و شراء الأعلانات مباشرة من على الأنترنت؟

هو نفس السبب الذى تلجأ لشركة حينما تريد عمل موقع على الأنترنت، فبأمكانك عمله بنفسك أو اللجؤء لشركة تطوير مواقع، أو هو نفس السبب الذى تلجأ لشركة تصمميمات حينما تري تصميم لوجو خاص بشركتك. هناك مثال يقال “أعطى العيش لخبازه” فأنت تحتاج لخبراء يستطيعون أنشاء حسابك و متابعته و أدارته و عمل كل ما هو لازم له لتحصل على العائد من الأستثمار. وقد أثبتت الأحصائيات أن من يتعاملون مع شركاء جوجل تكون أستفادتهم من الأعلان أقوى بكثير مما يقومون بعمل الأعلان بأنفسهم حيث يعتبرون أن أعلان جوجل ليس بأعلان عادى و لكن هو قناة توزيع و مبيعات جديدة لا يمكن الأستغناء عنها بعد تجربتها و الأستفادة منها

Facebook Launches Search Ads

Facebook Launches Search Ads

Not very creative nor intuitive i find it, mostly it’s irrelevant to what users are looking for, it is also targeting RASPF (people searching for specific businesses such as McDonald’s rather than NEDICT (people searching for a business category such as Burger)

Egypt Yellow Pages Celebrates 20 Years in Egypt

We have celebrated 20 proud years of success in Egypt serving both the Egyptian local businesses and the community together. I am very proud of being a part of this. Although i joined Yellow Media back in 2008, i’ve been involved with them back to 2004 when i developed the first fully functional website for the company 8 years ago.

Thanks to Yellow Media family.

Marc Lambert - Egypt Yellow Media Managing Director cutting the cake

Marc Lambert – Egypt Yellow Media Managing Director cutting the cake


Egypt Yellow Pages: 20 Proud Years in Egypt

Egypt Yellow Pages: 20 Proud Years in Egypt


Hany Foud - IT Department receiving his award from Raphael Emil

Hany Foud – IT Department receiving his award from Raphael Emil


Ahmed EL Gohary - Internet Department receiving his award from Waguih William

Ahmed EL Gohary – Internet Department receiving his award from Waguih William


Mohamed Omar - Software Development Department receives his award from Mohamed Salah

Mohamed Omar – Software Development Department receives his award from Mohamed Salah


Wael - Sales Department receives his award from Lars Mourey

Wael – Sales Department receives his award from Lars Mourey


Egypt Yellow Pages Team Celebrates 20 Proud Years in Egypt

Egypt Yellow Pages Team Celebrates 20 Proud Years in Egypt



Google Officially Launches Google AdWords Premier SMB Parntner Program Page in Egypt

Google have officially launched Google AdWords Premier SMB Parntner Program Page in Egypt. It is the first Arabic page that is launched under that section as Egypt Yellow Pages is officially the first partner in Egypt and the Arab world (After Morocco whcih launched their site in French).

Google explains 5 reasons why you should go to Premier SMB Partner than DIY (Do it yourself) approach.

If you have a business in Egypt and you want to advertise it on Google, you should consult Egypt Yellow Pages to help you plan and execute your online marketing new channel.

free AdWords consultation in Egypt