30 Days Challenge: Scratchless Car

One thing that is unique about Cairo is the traffic and the cars, it is generally okay for you to get too close to the other cars in the street event to touch them without too much impact which people call a “kiss”. It is also a common scene to see a car which hits the other car in front of it, and neither of them stop or want to stop, may be a few seconds both of them freeze and then they start moving again.

This explains why there is no car in Cairo that don’t have marks, scratches, and even a bumpy body!

So my new 30 days challenge is to keep my car scratchless for the next 30 days. It cost me three thousand pounds and 2 weeks to have my car repainted and i wanna enjoy this feeling for a while before i start to have the Egyptian style carvings on it.

So my plan is as follows:

1. Change my driving style and keeping more distance from cars.

2. Being careful but not too careful otherwise other drivers will be angry with me and will hit my ca on purpose!

3. Got a car cover that i will use during work hours, at least i will prevent the car from artists that want to draw long lasting pictures on my car with their keys and sharp objects.

4. Avoid going by car to places where i know i will not find a parking spot, like Mosadak street in Dokki or road 105 in Maadi! The more taxis i use the safer my car will be 😉

well that’s all. I just hope i can make it… Not easy but possible…


6 thoughts on “30 Days Challenge: Scratchless Car

  1. mohsalah says:

    Day 1: It wasn’t an easy day at all, the car was stuck in the garage and took me about 10 minutes to get it out… and when i thought the worst part is over i was almost hit by a speedy “Karro” (Donkey Carriage), but the donkey made a sharp turn at the last moment!

  2. mohsalah says:

    Day 2: It was really close today, a guy wearing a galabeya was crossing the ring road today, it the go&stop&go style, he decided to stop in the middle of my lane, i avoided him by sliding a little bit to the right but the car coming on my left was gonna smash him…

  3. mohsalah says:

    Day 9: It seems i am still getting attention for covering my car near my office in Maadi. Although it’s been more than a week people are just not getting used to it… covering your car means you are parking it for 10 days and traveling… so yo get some suggestions from people in the form of recommendations for your own sake like, don’t park it in front of my house because its dangerous for your car as many buses pass by…. Give me a break! you really car about me!

    Anyway i am dealing with these losers no problem…

    Wish me luck in the remaining 21 days…

  4. mohsalah says:

    Day 16: The challenge is still on… I was so close today to ruin the things myself when i tried to get out of the garage this morning, i was still sleepy and had to go fast to catch a flight at the airport, with an angry neighbor behind my back, i had to go out of garage in a single move and it was really 2 cm’s away from scratching the concrete walls… but thanks god it didn’t happened.

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