Bank Masr ATM Virus!!

I wanted to withdraw some cash and i was in a real hurry so i used Bank Masr ATM under my home. I entered the card and my pin code and then booooooooooooooom!

The machine started printing without stopping empty papers with a smiley face!!!! a smiley face from the ATM! Can you believe it? could it be a software bug or a Virus software that tests the printer was running in the wrong time??

Bank Masr ATM Receipt

It’s more likely to be a virus, i suggest no one to use bank masr ATMs…


OMG, this turns out to be something that happened before in SingaporeA global virus


Sources in Bank Misr bank say that this incident is not a virus, it is a software that tests the printer of the ATM. Probably i was at the wrong place at the wrong time when they were testing the machine printer.