Scratch free car for 30 days in Cairo: Successful

Believe it or not i have completed my 30 days challenge of having my car scratch-free in Cairo!!! yessssssssssss!!

To be completely honest my car does have some fine scratches from the car washing machines and from the door man who some times use a dirty towel to clean my car in the morning… but i am talking about fine scratches like this:

fine car scratches

This kind of scratches are only visible under high lighting but don’t get me wrong the above image is not actually for my car and the scratches are not that intense but i just wanted to give an idea about what the fine scratches are… Don’t you agree with me that every car in Cairo will eventually have these scratches, even if you buy a nice KIA Cerato – The new Egyptians favorite, you’re gonna have a bunch of these very soon.

I am not talking about a kind of these scratches though:

This scratch is becoming like an Egyptian trademark on almost 98% of cars in Egypt with the exception of some S and E class Mercedes and 5 and 7 series BMWs!

Does anyone have recommendations about removing / polishing the fine scratches?

30 Days Challenge: Scratchless Car

One thing that is unique about Cairo is the traffic and the cars, it is generally okay for you to get too close to the other cars in the street event to touch them without too much impact which people call a “kiss”. It is also a common scene to see a car which hits the other car in front of it, and neither of them stop or want to stop, may be a few seconds both of them freeze and then they start moving again.

This explains why there is no car in Cairo that don’t have marks, scratches, and even a bumpy body!

So my new 30 days challenge is to keep my car scratchless for the next 30 days. It cost me three thousand pounds and 2 weeks to have my car repainted and i wanna enjoy this feeling for a while before i start to have the Egyptian style carvings on it.

So my plan is as follows:

1. Change my driving style and keeping more distance from cars.

2. Being careful but not too careful otherwise other drivers will be angry with me and will hit my ca on purpose!

3. Got a car cover that i will use during work hours, at least i will prevent the car from artists that want to draw long lasting pictures on my car with their keys and sharp objects.

4. Avoid going by car to places where i know i will not find a parking spot, like Mosadak street in Dokki or road 105 in Maadi! The more taxis i use the safer my car will be 😉

well that’s all. I just hope i can make it… Not easy but possible…

Telecom Egypt Phone Bills Prizes, why?

It does not take a marketing expert to know that the advertising campaign by Telecom Egypt is pretty much “weired”. They are offering prizes if you pay your bill on time! Is it some kind of fast cash grab or aiming to  increasing loyalty of the customers? I don’t think it is the second one, i would only be loyal to a Telco company if they include me in a point collection program, which they don’t have.

Surprisingly enough, it seems that the campaign worked,  the reason i know this is that their online bill inquiry service could not handle all the incoming requests. It has been down for almost 1 week.

Telecom Egypt bill inquiry service down

Telecom Egypt bill inquiry service down

Now if you try to hit their website, you get this error message:

Telecom Egypt bill inquiry service still down

Telecom Egypt bill inquiry service still down

Bank Masr ATM Virus!!

I wanted to withdraw some cash and i was in a real hurry so i used Bank Masr ATM under my home. I entered the card and my pin code and then booooooooooooooom!

The machine started printing without stopping empty papers with a smiley face!!!! a smiley face from the ATM! Can you believe it? could it be a software bug or a Virus software that tests the printer was running in the wrong time??

Bank Masr ATM Receipt

It’s more likely to be a virus, i suggest no one to use bank masr ATMs…


OMG, this turns out to be something that happened before in SingaporeA global virus


Sources in Bank Misr bank say that this incident is not a virus, it is a software that tests the printer of the ATM. Probably i was at the wrong place at the wrong time when they were testing the machine printer.