Top 10 Myths That Egyptians Believe

There is a set of beliefs that we were raised on, the idea was usually thrown on our way by our parents and it was heavily supported and enforced by our friends, colleagues, relatives and the society in general…

Although time passes one year after another, we gain new experiences in life, it seems that we will never get rid of these ideas but my only hope is that we stop passing them to the newer generations at least not to spread the infection 🙂

Myth #10: Turn off your car headlights

Myth #10: Turn off your car headlights

Here is my list:

Tip #10: Turn off your car head lights

When there is lighting in the street, there is no need to turn on your head lights, you should switch them off and save your car battery, turning on the lights is bad for your car battery.

Tip #9:  A/C are made to turn them on 16 degrees / full fan

Summer is hot, to overcome the hotness, when you turn on the A/C make sure it is 16 degrees, to have a quick effect, you can leave it like this or you can witch it to 18 degree after a while… Make sure you have a blanket and a jacket to use… of course if you are a tough guy you won’t need the jacket.

Tip #8:  When a car comes in the opposite direction turn off your head lights

Driving is “Art, Morals, and Consideration”, when you see a car coming in the opposite direction switch off your lights, if the other driver doesn’t respond by doing the same abiding to this protocol , give him a warning sign by flashing your strong lights 3 to 4 times, if no response is seen, you are allowed to punish the driver by turning on your head lights again

Tip #7:  Take off your socks before sleeping, to save your eyes

If you sleep with a socks, your eyes will hurt you next day.

Tip #6:  When you’re sick drink lots of liquids

Although this is a true medical fact, why does we get it from everyone we see when we have a cold? is it to show compassion? Not sure about you but I would accept something like “get well soon”…

Tip #5: Gym advice, you are doing this exercise in the wrong way

Probably you’ve been going to gym for many years, but just try changing your gym, do the same excise in front of the new trainer or the guy that loves to give advices to everyone because he a has a 150 KG muscles body…. They will tell you that you’re doing it in a wrong way.

Tip #4: Turning on you’re lights before it’s completely dark (15 minutes to dawn for example) is a disgrace 

Again this is my favorite thing, people will warn you, in order to save your battery, they will signal with their hands, talk / shout to you, and/or try to chase you in order to warn you that the most valuable thing you have in your life – the car battery – is in risk.

Tip #3: El fouta el zefra (a piece of cloth wet with gas ) will just clean your car in seconds.

if you don’t know it melts you car paint slowly so it becomes blurry and loses its shine after a while.

Tip #2: Breakfast (Optional) 12-1 PM, Lunch 4-6 PM, Dinner (Mandatory) 10-2 AM

This is a pretty good advice to gain weight as fast as you can.

Tip #1: It is okay to smoke hash but it is haram to drink alcohol

Seriously, some people genuinely believe about this…


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