6.5 Million Egyptians on Facebook

I keep hearing lots of numbers of Facebook users statistics in Egypt, the total number as of today (17 March, 2011) is

6,393,080 people

How did i know these stats? There is a very simple trick to know this number yourself… Go to the advertising link at the bottom of the FB page, click on create ad button, then you will get a page at which you can specify your targeting options…

Make sure to select the date Any-to-Any and the country Egypt, which should be selected by default if you live there. Wait for a few seconds and then you will see on the right side of the page the up to date total number of Facebook users in Egypt. The total number of users is now:

Facebook users in Egypt in March 2011


2 thoughts on “6.5 Million Egyptians on Facebook

  1. msakr says:

    Nice maneuver.

    But I think that this counts only those that actually “live” in Egypt and have stated it.

    So basically excluding those Egyptians that have NOT entered their location, as well as those that are living abroad.

  2. mohsalah says:

    You’re right Mahmoud, it’s more or less an estimation of the number of FB users in Egypt… I believe the actual number shouldn’t be very different from that one though

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