Google AdWords Free Voucher: The Catch

Last June I received the email below from Google:

Dear Google Analytics User,

As a Google Analytics customer, we know that you care about the quality of traffic coming to your website, so we wanted to introduce you to Google AdWords. AdWords works by placing targeted advertising alongside Google’s search results.
To help you get started with AdWords we’ve sent you a voucher for 50USD of Google AdWords advertising. The voucher is risk and commitment free, so start advertising today and drive more traffic to your website.

Welcome to Google AdWords!
Google Analytics Team

So i signed-up for a Google AdWords account to try it with the 50$ voucher i was given, to claim my voucher i had to pay an additional 10$ from my credit card, so although the voucher is free, you still have to pay something to claim it.

This was not what i expected from the email above which seems to me as if it is really something free to try. It’s just like someone offering you a free cup of coffee or a free snack at his cafe to try it and if you like it you would come back yourself after this. However, at the moment you stepped inside his cafe he asked you to pay some entrance fees that you will get you an extra drink.

Normally i would refuse such an offer. However, i wanted to try Google AdWords platform anyways and 10$ isn’t that much after all…

My Story doesn’t end here. More to come…


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